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The Love of a Wife!

Posted by Kenneth Cloud on December 29, 2006

In my last blog I shared that my wife and I are celebrating our 40th anniversary. The Friday after Thanksgiving, our sons and their wives gave us an anniversary party to get us started. Our anniversary is actually on Dec. 17. The Saturday before Christmas I took Brenda to Savanah to stay in one of the B & B”s. She was thrilled at the room and the yellow roses I had waiting for her in the room. I will never forget the look on her face. What a joy to be able to do something special after all these years for my sweetheart. We had a glorious time seeing Old Savanah and spending Christmas together.

We lived in a camper for 18 years of the 21 yrs we spent in full-time evangelism. That was our home for those years and Brenda never complained or fussed about the conditions. We raised our family, along with the occasional dog, cat, pet fish, & even a lizard, on the road. Of all the meetings we were in those years, my wife was always there by my side. In 40 yrs. in the ministry together, she has not missed 25 of our meetings. In 2003, Brenda served as the President of the Georgia Baptist Ministers Wives. Praise the Lord for a wonderful wife and her love for our sweet Lord.

Let me encourage you men to love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. You can’t love and appreciate them too much. Never take your wife for granted as she stands by your side. Pray with your wife, listen to your wife, and enjoy living with your wife.

Bro. Ken


2 Responses to “The Love of a Wife!”

  1. I’m glad you and Mama had a good trip. I like the look of your new blog, too.

  2. amycloud said

    Goooooooo! Bimby. I am so glad you had a great trip. Check out my new blog! Hope you like it.

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